Where childhood goods never grow old.

We take pre-loved gear from parents looking to purge. We assess it and then curate it for new families into relevant bundles for every stage of growing up.

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Who we are

The days are long, the years are short, and the stuff keeps accumulating.

Just as for everything there’s a season, for so many objects, there’s a new life waiting after you outgrow them. We’re creating a forever circle of goods and community, where not only can precious and necessary items live on, but the memories they come with, too. Everland is a place where goods can be everlasting—and always have a forever home.

What we accept

  • Gear

    strollers, bouncers, carriers, oh my

  • Clothes

    newborn to pre-teen, so you can keep up with growth spurts

  • Care

    from feeding to bathing and everything in between

  • Toys

    accepting toys, books and all of your misfits

How it works

  • Repurpose your stuff.

    Fill out our shop intake form, give us your used items, and receive cash in return.

  • Reuse our pre-loved goods.

    Call dibs on stuff you need by filling out our form. We’ll take a look and get in touch with bundles that feel like a fit for you.

  • Regenerate with us.

    It takes a village and we'd like to be yours. Whether you’re repurposing your stuff or reusing Everland items, you’re participating in a truly local economy—which is good for the earth and great for all of us.

Bundles in the oven

Curated Pre-Loved Bundles, coming soon.

  • Sleepy Time

    0-12 months Bundles

    The group of goods you need to help your little one count sheep—or, you know, help you rock them at 2am.

  • Toy Town

    0 to 5 years Bundles

    Toys curated by your child’s age, so as they grow, your toy pile doesn’t have to.

  • New Mom Who Dis

    0 to 12 months postpartum Bundles

    Moms need stuff, too. Grab the necessities for those hazy post-birth weeks that feel like one long, strange trip of a lifetime.