Who We Are

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Who We Are

Everland will give caregivers a better way to manage all the stuff that kids accumulate, without breaking the bank and the planet in the process. Our everlasting loop of pre-loved childhood goods and gear, all of which we will personally vet and curate into stage-appropriate bundles, will provide parents a pathway for purging—and a direct line to what they may need for their kids at any given time.

In our shop we currently offer sustainable living home and self-care products, as well as a play space, classes for caregivers and their little ones and support for community projects, so that everyone may find their version of a village.

Our Values

Connection enables community.
Sustainability can be a lifestyle.
Small changes make a big difference.
Everyone needs a village.


Everland’s founder, Melissa Donnelly, is a parent and corporate sustainability leader.

I became a parent 4 years ago and in addition to being overwhelmed by learning a job that I didn't quite feel qualified to do, I was also overwhelmed by how many items I acquired and how expensive they were. All to use them for such a short time.

As a sustainability leader for Fortune 500 companies, I thought this could be done better and finally took the leap to start a business focused on helping families when they need it most and create a system of everlasting goods that reduces waste.

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The days are long, the years are short, and the stuff keeps accumulating

  • First time parents spend thousands of dollars in just the first 12 months of their child’s life on items that they only use for weeks, months, or not at all if they don’t fit or realize they didn’t really need them
  • So much waste is generated, while these items still have so much value left to offer other families
  • Parents are very willing to gift items to other families as “hand-me-downs,” but this system is inefficient and could easily be scaled to serve many more families and break the cycle of waste that comes with starting a family
  • Becoming a new parent is A LOT of work. We can help reduce some of this burden by taking the guesswork out of what to buy and the time spent searching for the right thing. We’ll distribute the right items to parents just when they need them.

Come Visit Us

We’re located between South and Lombard St at 529 S 4th St. in the Queen Village neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA.

Shop sustainable living products and preloved toys, books and clothes for little ones. We also offer baby and me classes, as well as a play space.